CDL Series

Commercial Downlight

The Aleo CDL™ Series is the perfect energy-saving solution for commercial downlight applications. The CDL recessed downlight offers extreme versatility with field-adjustable lumen output and color temperature. No can is needed for installation. Perfect for new construction or retrofit of CFL and HID downlights of varying mounting heights.


Commercial, retail, education, hospitality, covered outdoor ceilings. Retrofit / remodel or new construction


  • Field Adjustable CCT and Lumen Output
  • 0-10V Continuous Dimming
  • Wet-Location
  • 90+ CRI
  • ENERGY STAR Qualified
  • 7-year limited warranty

Rugged, one-piece design with integrated driver with selectable lumen and CCT. Comes equipped with spring-action clips and flex conduit. Wet Location Rated.

Field Selectable lumen output and CCT. Universal voltage:120V-277V input. Flicker-free driver. 0-10V dimming.

Quick and easy installation. Installs with no can / housing needed. Integral spring clips.

Continuous dimming (0-10V) comes standard.

Reflector system features highly reflective coating and delivers balanced, comfortable illuminance. Optimal glare control. Baffled trim.


7-year Limited Warranty. See warranty documentation for more information.

Form Factor Model No. Nom. Wattage 3000K Lumens 3500K Lumens 4000K Lumens
6″ CDL-6LE-UX/9CT 9W 756.2 816.3 760.1
13W 1145 1228 1154
19W 1577 1691 1589
8″ CDL-8L-UX/9CT 17W 1534 1657 1599
23W 2069 2235 2156
29W 2542 2729 2620
CDL-8HE-UX/9CT 34W 3241 3585 3284
42W 3818 4224 3869
52W 4562 5047 4623
10″ CDL-10LE-UX/9CT 21W 1995 2094 2048
30W 2711 2822 2759
38W 3347 3513 3437

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