Quality of Light

Dedicated to the Evolution of Light

Efficiency, Demand Reduction, Functionality, Value.

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Superior Quality, Design, and Performance

Aleo Lighting delivers products that improve quality and functionality of light

Energy Efficiency

At the core of Aleo’s mission is the proliferation of energy-efficient lighting technology. By promoting solutions that push the boundaries of efficiency and demand reduction, Aleo believes it can make a positive change for future generations.

Advanced Controls

Going beyond mere efficiency, Aleo integrates advanced lighting controls and sensors to achieve further demand reduction, creating adaptive spaces for smarter lighting solutions.

Lighting Quality

In addition to reducing energy consumption, the company strives to deliver better quality of light. Aleo continually explores how improved quality light can positively impact people and businesses

Designed to Perform, Manufactured to Last

Aleo Lighting designs and manufactures high-quality products with performance and reliability in mind

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About the company

Aleo Lighting is dedicated to delivering innovative solutions that proliferate energy-efficiency and demand reduction. The company’s mission is to improve the quality of life through sustainability and better light.

By exploring how light can positively impact people and spaces, Aleo Lighting strives to improve human well-being, business performance, and environments.  The team at Aleo believes lighting can improve productivity, health, safety and security, retail sales, and more!

Explore how you can benefit from the evolution of light.

Our Capabilities

High performance, high quality products
Superb customer service and support
State of the art manufacturing
Exquisite design and precise engineering
Innovative solutions for energy-savings, demand reduction, and functionality
Certifications for performance and safety

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