LT-CD (SR/RC) Series

Volumetric LED Troffer - Sensor Ready

The Aleo LT-CD™ (SR/RC) Series LED Field Adjustable Troffer delivers industry-leading Versatility with deep energy savings and continuous dimming. The precision-formed diffuser produces comfortable and pleasant illumination, enhancing productive spaces in various applications.

Sensory Ready quick connect port enables plug and play field installation of AleoBlue Wireless Bluetooth Mesh Networked Lighting Control (NLC) occupancy sensors with daylight (LLLC).


Provides architectural aesthetics for retail, schools, offices, healthcare, and other various commercial applications.


  • Reduces Inventory and Increases Flexibility
  • Field Adjustable CCT
  • AleoBlue – Wireless Bluetooth Mesh Networked Lighting Controls (NLC)
  • Sensor Ready with Quick Connect Port
  • Field Install Plug and Play Sensor
  • Luminaire-level Lighting Controls (LLLC)

Simple construction with minimal parts allows for easy handling and installation. Low profile design optimizes shipping, storage, and handling. Luminaire features matte white durable finish. Integral T-Bar clips built into luminaire. Diffuser requires no additional frame or fastener for easy installation.

Reflector systems features highly reflective coating and delivers balanced, comfortable illuminance for productive spaces. Diffuser lens reduces glare and improves occupant comfort while maintaining high efficiency emission.

UL Listed. All components have UL certification. UL Class 2. Driver: SCP, OTP, OVP protection, FCC Part 15 Class B, UL8750 Class 2.

Continuous dimming (0-10V) comes standard. Luminaire is sensor-ready with quick-connection port to accept AleoBlue luminaire-level lighting control (LLLC) sensor. Easily upgrade to an AleoBlue Networked Lighting Controls (NLC) system with field installable, plug and play sensors and control nodes. AleoBlue offers advanced lighting controls, easy code compliance, and intuitive commissioning.

7-year Limited Warranty. See warranty documentation for more information.

Luminaire utilizes high-efficacy LED packages maintained at cool temperatures for long life, high efficacy. Reliable driver features continuous dimming. Universal voltage (120-277V) for convenient installation. Comes equipped with luminaire quick-disconnect.

Increased versatility and reduced inventory burden. Color Temp. can be adjusted in the field by selecting (3) different CCTs via switch on driver box.

Installs in most standard T-Bar ceiling grid systems. Flange kit available for hard-lid/drywall applications.

Form Factor Model No. Nom. Wattage 3500K Lumens 4000K Lumens 5000K Lumens

LT-CD-14-UXL-30/8CT G5 ECO

20 2840 3080 2880
25 3450 3750 3500
30 4020 4380 4080
2’x2′ LT-CD-22-UXL-30/8CT G5 ECO (SR/RC) 20 2820 2980 2840
25 3425 3625 3450
30 4020 4260 4050
2’x4′ LT-CD-24-UXL-34/8CT G5 ECO (SR/RC) 25 3500 3750 3600
30 4080 4380 4200
35 4655 5005 4795
Model No. Description
-EM700 Emergency battery backup, 700 lm
-EM1400 Emergency battery backup, 1400 lm

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