RKLS Series

Linear Magnetic Module Retrofit Kit

The Aleo RKLS Series Magnetic Module Retrofit Kit is the ultimate retrofit kit for energy-savings in myriad of commercial applications. The RKLS offers extreme versatility and flexibility with the ability to be fit inside various existing linear luminaires. The magnetic design allows for easy and convenient installation. Removable lens allows for increased light output and efficacy for fixtures with existing lens. Easy replacement and maintenance with external 2-channel driver.


Retrofit of commercial, retail, education, hospitality, corporate. Ideal upgrade for prismatic troffers, parabolic troffers, strips/channels, wraparounds, vapor tights.


  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Visually pleasing, architectural design
  • Continuous dimming for further demand reduction
  • Compatible with advanced sensor/control integration
  • Long life, reduced maintenance
  • 7-year limited warranty
  • UL and DLC Listed

Precision extruded aluminum heat sink with integral LED and magnetic mounting. Seamless design with frosted end caps and lens diffuser.

External 2-channel LED Driver for easy driver and module replacement. Universal voltage: 120V-277V input. 0-10V dimming.

Quick and easy installation. Modules are magnetic for fast mounting and alignment. Comes with self-tapping tek screws. LED driver matches standard ballast mounting pattern.

Continuous dimming (0-10V) comes standard. Can be used with dimmer and sensor control.

(1) LED Driver, (2) Magnetic Modules, (2) Lenses, Tek Screws, Quick Disconnect, Retrofit Label.

Lens (optional) delivers balanced, comfortable illuminance. Optimal glare control. For higher efficacy and lumen output, lens is removable.

ETL Listed. DLC Premium QPL.
Driver: Meets FCC Part 15 Class A Limit for EMI

7-year Limited Warranty. See warranty documentation for more information.

Form Factor Model No. Application Nom. Wattage 3500K Lumens 4000K Lumens 5000K Lumens
4′ RKLS-2-44UXL/8xx XE (3200L) Linear 24 3404 3427 3450
RKLS-2-44UXL/8xx XE (4000L) 30 4116 4144 4172
RKLS-2-44UXL/8xx XE (4700L) 36 4930 4964 4998
RKLS-2-44UXL/8xx XE (5400L) 42 5577 5616 5655
2′ RKLS-2-22UXL/8xx XE (3200L) Linear 24 3404 3427 3473
RKLS-2-22UXL/8xx XE (4000L) 30 4116 4144 4200
RKLS-2-22UXL/8xx XE (4700L) 36 4930 4964 5032
RKLS-2-22UXL/8xx XE (5400L) 42 5577 5616 5694

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