AleoBlue Linear Dimming Control Module - Plenum Rated

The AleoBlue linear dimming control module plenum rated (LDCM) takes a 0-10V dimming signal and a fixed line voltage input and converts it to a forward/reverse phase dimmed output for up to 600W with a 277V load and 276W on a 120V load. One LDCM can be used per run up to the maximum wattage. LDCM is rated to directly mount to a junction box in a plenum space for easier installation.


Indoor: Open offices, Individual offices, Conference rooms, Classrooms, Retail stores, Hospitals, Lobbies.


  • Dims both forward and reverse phase only fixtures with 0-10V
  • Simple installation
  • Direct J-Box mount
  • 120V and 277V compatible
  • Built in 12V Aux power supply
  • 276W @120V, 600W @277V
  • Plenum rated
  • UL Listed. UL 2043 Plenum Rated
  • DO NOT install with power applied to device
  • DO NOT expose the device to moisture
  • Check the “aleoBlue Commissioning User Manual” for settings and commissioning.

UL Listed. UL 2043 Plenum Rated.

5-year Limited Warranty. See warranty documentation for more information.

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