AleoBlue Wireless Bluetooth PIR Occ. Sensor w/ Daylight Harvesting

The SPIR-OSDL/BT-CM-DC201 combines occupancy sensing, daylight harvesting, 0-10V dimming and Bluetooth® mesh radio circuits into a small package. The result is increased occupant comfort and significant energy savings that meet the most demanding building energy codes. By leveraging Bluetooth® mesh, the first wireless standard for professional lighting applications which ensures unmatched scalability and reliability, the wireless lighting control system can be seamlessly expanded with Bluetooth® mesh-certified products and/or compatible Bluetooth® switches as needed.


Indoor: Open offices, Individual offices, Conference rooms, Classrooms, Retail stores, Hospitals, Lobbies.


  • Bluetooth mesh compliant
  • PIR sensing with daylight harvesting
  • Built-in 20mA 0-10V signal output
  • Cost-effective solution for energy savings
  • Energy code compliance
  • Robust mesh network
  • Decentralized control (no single point of failure)
  • Gateway-less configuration & operations
  • UL Listed
  • DO NOT install with power applied to device
  • DO NOT expose the device to moisture
  • Check the “aleoBlue Commissioning User Manual” for settings and commissioning.

5-year Limited Warranty. See warranty documentation for more information.

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