LLS Series

LED Linear Strip Luminaire

The Aleo LLS Series Linear Strip Luminaire delivers industry-leading performance with deep energy savings and continuous dimming. Low profile design offers easy handling and storage. This versatile luminaire produces energy-efficient, comfortable illumination for a myriad of applications.

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Excellent for general utilty applications: Parking garage, warehouse, offices, restrooms, storage units, stairwell.


  • Attractive ROI
  • Ideal for use with sensor and advanced controls
  • Long life, reduced maintenance
  • Lower energy costs
  • High quality light
  • 7-year limited warranty


Integral LED gear tray and reflector with driver on board allows for easy installation and handling. Luminaire features matte white durable finish. Diffuser requires no additional frame or fastener for easy installation.


Luminaire utilizes high-efficacy LED packages maintained at cool temperatures for long life, high efficacy. Reliable driver features continuous dimming. Universal voltage (120-277V) for convenient installation.Comes equipped with luminaire quick-disconnect.

Installation and Mounting

Luminaire back housing includes holes and slots for various mounting methods. V-hook hangers available for suspension mount.

Controls and Dimming

Continuous dimming (0-10V) comes standard. Suitable for use with dimmers, sensors, daylight harvesting and other control strategies to achieve deeper energy-savings and code compliance. Fixture-integrated sensor accessory available: occupancy sensing with daylight cut-off.

Optical System

Reflector systems features highly reflective coating and delivers balanced, comfortable illuminance for productive spaces. Diffuser lens reduces glare and improves occupant comfort while maintaining high efficiency emission.


UL Listed. All components have UL certification.  UL Class 2. Driver: SCP, OTP, OVP protection, FCC Part 15 Class B, UL8750 Class 2. DLC Premium


7-year Limited Warranty.  See warranty documentation for more information.

2' Line Drawing


4' Line Drawing



8' Line Drawing





IES Files

Form Factor Model No. Wattage Lumens
2′ length LLS-2HE-20 XE G3 20W 2,600
4′ length LLS-4HE-26 XE G4 26W 3,275
4′ length LLS-4VH-41 XE G4 41W 5,200
8′ length LLS-8HE-52 XE G3 52W 6,916
8′ length LLS-8H-68 XE G4 65W 8,515
8′ length LLS-8VHE-78 XE G4 75W 9,750

Model No. Description
-EM500 Emergency battery backup, 500 lm
-EM700 Emergency battery backup, 700 lm
-EM1400 Emergency battery backup, 1400 lm
-EM2000 Emergency battery backup, 2000 lm
-OSDL Integral Sensor (motion and daylight)
-OS Integral Sensor (motion)

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