LED High Bay

Efficient. Robust. Dependable.

IP65 / Wet Location

Protects against environmental elements IP65, wet Location Rated.

Easy Installation

Ideal for replacing existing HID high bays. Mounts via single-point hook. Comes equipped with cord

Reduced glare optics

Frosted Polycarbonate Dome lens and Diffuse Aluminum Reflector accessories available to provide a softer and focused distribution of light that reduces glare.

Lumen Packages

  • UXB-100
  • 105W
    132 lm/W
    13,717 lm
  • UXB-150
  • 157W
    131 lm/W
    20,705 lm
  • UXB-200
  • 206W
    131 lm/W
    27,070 lm

UXB Circular High Bay Series

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Energy Savings

Energy Savings
Hours Rated Life
Reduction in Maintenance Cost

Advanced Features

High Efficacy

Optimized system delivers up to 131 lm/W,
resulting in increased light output and
reduced energy consumption.

High Quality Engineering and Manufacturing

Engineered to deliver performance, manufactured to last.
Intensive quality control, precision manufacturing process,
and experience component qualification ensure quality.

Better Quality Light

Reduced glare, High color quality (80+) and Improved optical performance. Optical System Glass lens provides protection and high efficiency transmission of light.



Deep Energy Savings

Replaces outdated HID and florescent technology for aggressive savings and incredibly attractive ROI and payback periods.

Reduced Maintenance

Long life LED system reduces maintenance costs. Rated at 100,000 hours with a 7-year limited warranty, the UXB helps lower operating costs.

Lower Operating Cost

Extreme efficiency, dimmability, sensor-compatibility, and cooler operation reduces energy demand and increases energy savings.

Utility Rates Opportunities

Faster payback and increased ROI with potential utility rebate incentives to offset initial costs and decrease capital expenditure. Check with Aleo rep and local utility for details.

Performance Highlights


Efficacy Up to 132 lm/W
Rated Life 100,000 hours
CRI 80+, R9>0
Dimming 0-10V Continuous
Weather Proof Wet-Location
Input Voltage 120V-277V
Input Frequency 50/60 Hz
Operating Temperature -40ºC to 50ºC

Certifications and Warranties

UL Listed

All components have UL certification.

DLC Premium

This series is listed as DLC 4.4 Premium, High Bay Luminaires.


7-year Limited Warranty. See warranty documentation for
more information.

Wet Location

Weather-proof compartment to withstand  outdoor environments. Perfect for covering existing square recessed openings.

UXB Dimensions

Height Length
UXB-100 8″ (204mm) 9.6″ (235mm)
UXB-150 8.5″ (215mm) 11″ (208mm)
UXB-200 8.6″ (219mm) 11.8″ (245mm)

Specification Features

Optical System

Glass lens provides protection and high efficiency transmission of light. Dome diffuser options in both polycarbonate and aluminum provide diffusion and glare reduction for more comfortable light.

LED System

UXB Luminaire utilizes high-performance components to deliver industry-leading efficacy and reliability. 

Mounting Options

Single-point hook mount (open hook with screw


Continuous dimming (0-10V) comes standard. Suitable for use with dimmers, sensors, daylight harvesting and other control strategies to achieve deeper energy-savings and code compliance.


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